Illustration drawn by Paul Mc Grath
The boss is the absolute master of Ironfarm, industry specialized in the manufacture of metal alloys and cybernetic components. Just in the headquarters of IRONFARM, will wear the abomination that will give birth Titanox.

Illustration drawn by Paul Mc Grath
Titanox is the protagonist of the story. Before he was a rich and famous wrestler called Calton Cage. Later, he made ​​a deal with the Boss IRONFARM. He had lost his last match of his career. At the last moment, Calton did not want to lose and broke the pact. The IRONARM lost a lot of money, so Calton was kidnapped to be subjected to a cruel experiment.

SLAVE - The henchman of the Boss
Illustration drawn by Paul Mc Grath
Slave is the loyal right arm of Boss IRONFARM. The boss does not come when he sets out to do some horrible action, then it is up to Slave. Initially there was only one Slave, but later they were created hundreds of it, in the laboratories of IRONFARM.